Top Ten Frequently Asked
Questions Regarding BATV

#1. What does BATV stand for?

BATV is an acronym for Batavia Access Television. BATV is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the facilitation and support of public access television for the greater Batavia community. BATV broadcasts two separate channels; a public access and a government access channel. Channel 10 is our Government meeting channel and Channel 17 is our Public Access channel.

#2. How can I watch BATV at my house?

You can tune in to find our programming on Comcast Channels 10 & 17, on AT&T U-verse Channel 99 throughout Northern Illinois, and streaming online at

#3. Will BATV-17 come to videotape our event?

So many events…so little help. BATV currently organizes community volunteers for most productions. As BATV volunteerism increases, so do the events recorded. BATV offers a free, 60-minute certification course to anyone interested in video productions, that resides in our cable viewing area.

#4. May I advertise on BATV-17?

Advertise, no. Sponsor programming, yes! Spots are similar in style to the grant/sponsorship acknowledgements on Channel 11, Chicago’s public broadcasting channel, WTTW. Grant and sponsorship information is available by calling Jim Dillenburg at (630) 937-5413.

#5. How much does the BATV Video Bulletin Board cost?

We believe the service is priceless, so we decided not to charge for it. BUT you have to be a noncommercial civic group or not-for-profit organization. Send your Announcement Template to any of the delivery methods listed under Contact.

#6. Where is the BATV studio located?

BATV is located inside Batavia High School, 1201 Main Street. The BATV entrance is currently through the Main Street entrance of Batavia High School.

#7. How can I have my own show?

Write an outline, cast for talent, produce, record, edit, and then play. It’s that easy. If simplification is your primary objective, then just record and play. BATV staff will then review the program for content and value. All programs submitted to BATV for broadcast must follow the BATV Program Submission guidelins, must be submitted by a resident of Batavia (or local business), and accompany a Program Submission Form. Both of these documents can be found on this website.

#8. Where can I find a schedule of shows that are playing on BATV?

Currently, there are several places you can find a schedule:

This website has a program schedule.
The BATV Video Bulletin Board: look for the program guide. It cycles through when video programming is not airing
Highlighted weekend programming is also shown in our half-page ad every Thursday in the Kane County Chronicle.
But don’t fret, most of our programming can be found on demand on our website. Check out our show pages and archives from recent, and sometimes ancient programming.

#9. Can I get a copy of a program I saw on BATV?

Copies of all programs are available upon request. Duplication rates start at $15.00. Some programs may not be able to be duplicated due to ownership rights. Please contact BATV at (630) 937-5413 to inquire about a specific program.

#10. How can I get more information about BATV?

Please contact us via the most convenient method listed under contact. We offer free, hands-on training and simple instruction to use BATV equipment and facilities and become a certified producer. With insight and support for your community involvement, BATV offers everyone the opportunity to create great, community television.

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