Have a Voice in Your Community!

BATV is looking for Volunteers to help shape the future of BATV.  Be part of the integral committees who help form the very foundation of BATV!

Currently BATV has three main committees that would love for community involvement and engagement.

Our Programming Committee is charged with the task of maintaining and developing new programming for BATV channel 17 that meets the needs of the Batavia community.  Members of this committee develop plans, discuss viability, engage the community for ideas, and produce the approved programming.

Our Marketing Committee is dedicated to community outreach and developing positive relationships with Batavia.  Members of this committee work together to develop short term and long term marketing goals for BATV, partner with other community organizations to develop meaningful Batavia events, and work with other BATV committees to promote BATV activities in the Batavia community.

Our Technology Committee is responsible for researching and recommending new, upgraded, or replacement technology for BATV.  Technology Committee members often find themselves installing and testing technology, being invited to technology expos and being part of BATV productions.

For more information call 630-937-5413 or via email


We can’t wait to hear from you!




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