BATVs Viewpoint…

Viewpoint is a BATV show that highlights topics of interest to Batavia residents. The episode shot on September 26, 2017 dealt with the proposed Campana development. The show sought to provide more information to the community about the building itself, the proposal process, what has happened so far as well as the next steps in the process. Because BATV realizes that not everyone has the time or opportunity to watch or listen to the many hours of Government meetings carried live by BATV, the show was meant to serve as a consolidated overview of the project. There have been over 10 public meetings for this proposal and many local residents have spoken on both sides of the issue.  This show did not seek to promote or discourage the project.  The guests on the show are not voting members of the Batavia City Council who had no involvement in the creation or casting of this program. Again, the intent of the show is to be informational in nature as part of the Viewpoint series. BATV apologizes for any confusion regarding the intent of the program.  BATV’s continued goal is to keep the community informed about important decisions happening in Batavia.