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After the Bell November 2017

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      After the Bell November 2017

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      After The Bell 2017

      Ep1 October

      After the Bell is a show about things that happen after the school bell rings in Batavia High School. This is a student run show.

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      After the Bell S2 E2 November 3, 2015

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      After the Bell S2 E5

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      After The Bell S2 E6 March 22, 2016

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      After The Bell S2 E4 January 26, 2016

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      After The Bell s2 e3

      Check out what happens in BPS101 after the bell rings.

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      After the Bell September 30, 2015

      After the Bell is a show that focuses on what happens in BPS after the school bell rings.

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      After the Bell May 2015

      We say goodbye to our Seniors

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      After the Bell Episode 3 April 2015

      Abby and Kena sit down with BHS Softball, BAD Club and catch a sneak peek at Little Brother!

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      After the Bell Episode 2

      Abby and Kendall sit down with Coach Holm and Matt M. from the baseball team, a special interview with students about ACC Memoriam Fundraiser and we check in with Interact Club at HC Storm.

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      After the Bell Episode 1

      After the Bell is a new BATV show! In this episode we sit down with Coach Dennis Piron, Peyton Piron and Ryan Wieties to talk about Track and Field. After the Bell stops by National Arts Honors Society to talk about the upcoming Art Festival, and we chatted with Erin and Elyse from Key Club to find out more about the organization and what fundraiser they have coming up!

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