The Do’s and Don’ts of VTAB:

  • Do sign up for events you are able to film
  • Don’t sign up and not show up or tell BATV day of event you can’t do it.
  • Do pick up equipment at 2:30pm!
  • Do ask about location and time to confirm.
  • Don’t say you know where you are going and go to the wrong place and the wrong time.
  • Do dress appropriately
  • Do pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Don’t allowing swearing and other inappropriate behavior disrupt recording the event.
  • Do ask inappropriate people to stop and tell them that you are recording the event for BATV.
  • Do move your camera away from them if they do not stop the inappropriate behavior.
  • Do call BATV in the morning if you are sick from school and cannot record your event or you are not able to return the equipment on time.
  • Don’t expect BATV to know you are ill or at an appointment. BATV does not have access to your school information.
  • Do get a ride to your event if needed.
  • Don’t bring family, friends or pets to your VTAB event.
  • Do arrive on time.
  • Do ask questions before you leave with equipment. (BATV Staff does NOT always help at locations)
  • Don’t assume you know everything. (You don’t know it all)
  • Do level your tripod.
  • Don’t record with a tilted screen.
  • Do find another student to switch or cover the event you signed up for if you are not able to make it.
  • Don’t assume BATV will just figure it out for you. (We won’t)

VTAB is like a job. Show up on time, set everything up correctly, frame your shot and push record.


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