Volunteer Time at BATV (VTAB)

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VTAB Intro:

A requirement of receiving credit for this class is performing a minimum of four hours of community service (known as VTAB) for BATV. This service will be performed outside of the class. You will schedule this time with BATV Staff at BATV. Failure to complete your four hours will result in an incomplete for your final grade. You will be required to complete your VTAB before your grade will be changed to the letter grade you earned in the course. If you do not complete this work within two weeks of the end of the semester, you will receive an F for the course. If you miss the event that you have agreed to tape and you do not notify anybody at BATV 48 hours in advance during business hours before your event is to begin, you will be required to do up to 8 hours of VTAB to meet class requirements. If you do the assigned taping, but the production value does not meet BATV standards for cablecast, you will not get credit for your time.  Exceptions will be made only for family emergencies that would have to be verified by a parent.  For clarity, a few examples that would not be considered a family emergency include a doctor’s appointment or a family vacation. 

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